Agenda Show

Las Vegas
Exhibitor's Manual

Big Booth Set Up Day

Booth 20x20 and Larger
Saturday, August 11th
10am - 6pm

Regular Booth Set Up Day

Sunday, August 12th
10am - 6pm
*wristbands are required for entry

Show Dates & Times

Monday, August 13th
9am - 6pm

Tuesday, August 14th
9am - 6pm

Wednesday, August 15th
9am - 4pm


Hall B
201 Sands Ave
Las Vegas, NV 89169

Due Dates /
Submission Instructions

Due July 6

Top Retail Account List
Submit to Ian

Due July 29th

Full Booth Payments
Submit to Sarah Tehrani


Free Blog / Newsletter Content
Submit to Liz Wachs 
and Cristian Robalino

Set Up Extension Request
Submit to Liz Wachs

Online Ads
Submit to Liz Wachs

Pre-Register online

Due July 13th

Overall Booth Package Changes
Submit to Liz Wachs

Show Guide Ads
Submit to Liz Wachs

Set Up Assistance Request
Submit to Denise Schwarz

Booth / Signage Enhancement Requests
Submit to Liz Wachs

Booth Display Rules

You chose the number of apparel racks &/or 3 shelf shelving units for your booth in your contract. This simple free standing rack/shelf system means that panel printing will not be an option.

Banned Items

Banned Items

Requirements Checklist


  • Insurance from the Exhibitor - Please, fill out the form in this link & send back.
  • Barriers to protect bystanders and participants - We would need a floorplan showing the location of the booth, along with a diagram of the booth with proper barriers in place.
  • All paperwork would need to be submitted to Melinda Buchanan and Amanda Nichols to send off to their Risk Management team for approval. Please copy Liz and Angela on these emails as well.


  • Please take a look at the SES Scope of Work Form HERE for all of the work related items that cannot be done by an outside contractor. This means that you must hire SES to do anything on the list that is linked above.


Display Space

We know there are a lot of rules but we want to encourage you to be creative! Please contact Liz or your sales person if you have any questions or need any suggestions for your booth design.

  • All booth changes / enhancements (anything outside of the basic booth package -- props, signage, furniture, etc.) must be pre-approved by Agenda at least one month in advance of the show date (July 13th). Mannequins are not allowed at the Vegas show.
  • Agenda provides your signage. All additional signage items you want to bring must be pre-approved and completely contained in your booth provided (including vertically). Absolutely no pop signage is allowed at Agenda.
  • Everything you bring must fit in the booth provided. You may not merchandise outside of the booth protruding into the hallways.
  • Nothing may be more than 5ft 8in tall. If anything is even half an inch over 5ft 8in, then it’s too tall. Please also note that anything on the top shelf of your booth cannot be visible above your booth walls.
  • All garments must be displayed on the rack, shelf or table, not hung from the walls of your booth in any way. If you want to use your own display fixtures, then they must be approved one month in advance of the show date.
  • You may not attach anything to the provided booths.
  • You may have one item that needs electricity provided that it makes no noise. Additional outlets and wattage are available for a fee through the venue. If you plug a power strip or steamer into the outlet provided, then you will blow the circuit and will be required to purchase a higher wattage to have your outlet restored.
  • No sticking anything to the booth walls. There will be a minimum $100 charge per damaged booth panel or fixture.
  • Any brands who want to make booth changes on site will be charged $100 per 10x10 space regardless of the change (10x10 = $100, 10x20 = $200.. etc). Changes include fixture swaps, wall take-down, booth expansion, etc. You can avoid this fee completely by making sure that you filled out your contract with the correct fixture choices. Please contact Liz if you want to make any pre-show changes to your booth package, or to check on your current package.

Fire Department Regulations for Trade Show Exhibitors


Inherently Fire Retardant or Flame Retardant Treatment

  • All decorations, drapes, signs, banners, plastic displays, hay, straw, moss, split bamboo and other similar materials must be flame retardant to the satisfaction of the fire department and the state fire marshal.
  • Table coverings must be flame retardant  treated unless they lay flat, with an overhang no greater than 6".
  • Oilcloth, tar paper, sisal paper, nylon, orlon and certain other plastic materials cannot be made flame retardant and their use is prohibited.
  • A certificate of flame resistance shall be available for review by the fire marshal or on file with the fire marshal for all decorative materials. This is the responsibility of the exhibitor to have their fire paperwork available & in order.


  • Literature on display shall be kept limited to reasonable quantities. Reserve supplies shall be kept in closed containers and stored in a neat and compact manner.
  • No cardboard boxes or any other combustible materials may be stored on top of or near any electrical wiring  in the spaces behind the back-wall drapery (booth) or behind any display.

Vehicles / Internal Combustion Engines on Display

  • Any automobile, trucks, motorcycles, or other motorized vehicles displayed shall have their batteries disconnected and terminals taped.
  • All motor vehicle tanks containing fuel or which have ever contained fuel shall be furnished with locking-type gas caps or sealed with tape. The level of gas in tanks cannot exceed five gallons or one-quarter tank, whichever is less.
  • All automobiles, trucks, and vehicles of any kind must show the location on the fire department approved floor plan 14 days prior to the show date.
  • Any vehicle permits submitted after January 29th are at risk of not being processed in time for exhibition at Agenda. Without a CCFD permit, your vehicle will not be allowed onto the show floor. Click here to download the form.


  • Aisles designated on approved show floor plans shall be kept clean, clear and free of obstructions. Booth constructions shall be substantial and fixed into position in specified areas for the duration of the show. Chairs, easels, signs and demonstration areas shall not be placed beyond booth areas into aisles.

Furniture Specs

Each 10x10 comes with the following. 20x20 booths will include 2x the items listed below.

Standard Booth (10x10)

Includes shelving and/or hanging racks.

  • Booth Chairs

    3 chairs are provided for every table.

    booth chairs

  • Table Specs

    Width: 4ft Depth: 2.5ft Height: 2.5ft

    booth chairs

  • Garment Rack

    Width: 7ft Height: 5ft Max Weight: 150lbs

    garment rack garment rack

  • Adjustable 3 Shelf Fixture

    Width: 7ft Depth: 1ft Height: 5ft

    star shelf rack

star Please Note: Additional fixtures & shelves may be purchased for a fee or traded in during setup. You will be provided with a form explaining in further detail the day of setup. Contact Liz ( with any questions.


Steamers are available on a first come, first serve basis during set up. You are encouraged to bring personal steamers as complimentary ones tend to rent quickly. All steamers must be plugged into the wall outlets on the periphery of the show. Steamers plugged in at booths will blow the power which exhibitors will be responsible for paying to reinstate if it happens more than once. 

Top and pant hangers are not provided at the Las Vegas show. Please bring or ship hangers along with your samples.

Complimentary Wi-Fi will be provided. The log-in ID and password will be distributed on site during set up. If you would like to purchase exclusive Wi-Fi for your booth, please let us know.

Set Up Details

Big Booth Set Up Day

(Custom, 20’x20’ or larger set up)

Saturday, August 11th
10am - 6pm

Regular Booth Set Up Day

Sunday, August 12th
10am - 6pm

If you need more time to set up, please contact Liz ( All set up requests will be handled on a case-by-case basis.
*wristbands are required for entry

Set Up Rules

If you are bringing in a completely custom booth, or a booth that is 20’x20’ or larger, then there is an option to set up on Saturday, August 11th from 2pm to 10pm.
Contact Liz ( if you need to use this option.

  • Everyone must be completely finished setting up and out of the venue by 6pm, August 12th. If you arrive after 6pm to set up, then you will be charged a $500 fee upon arrival.
  • There will be no set up on the morning of August 13th.
  • There is no booth fabrication allowed on site at Agenda. The use of tools other than hand-powered screwdrivers and wrenches is strictly prohibited. No power tools, no saws, no hammers, etc.
  • GES has storage space for empties. Please go to their service desk at the back of the show floor for more information. Any boxes, salesmen’s cases, crates, pallets, or any packing or shipping materials cannot be left anywhere in your booth or in the show venue. All of these things must be removed on set up night (by you or by GES) and not to return until the night of take down.
  • You must bring all trash created during set up to the trash bins on the show floor. Do not leave trash sitting in your booth.

POV Load In/Out & Loading Dock

  • On Saturday, August 11th, only booths that are completely custom or 20x20 & larger will be able to set up & use the dock. Access to the venue & loading dock on Saturday will be strictly limited to the booth sizes & specifications above. You will be turned away from the dock if you do not first go to the Marshaling Yard for staging. Please refer to the next page for additional loading dock & marshaling yard information.
  • On Sunday, August 12th, POV Load In/Out will be available through the loading dock. All vehicles will be staged at the Marshaling Yard on a first come, first service basis. See the next page for more info. GES will be available to help you unload your vehicle & remove it from the dock area within 30 minutes of parking. If you do not stage yourself at the marshaling yard to use the POV dock on Sunday, you will have to park your car in the garage and cart or carry every-thing in.

Take Down Rules

Wednesday, August 15th
4pm - 10pm

  • You may not start breaking your booth down until 3pm on the 15th.
  • Nothing can be left at the venue after the last day of the show has ended. No trash, boxes, fixtures, items to be shipped, etc.
  • Everyone must be out of the venue with all samples & fixtures by 10pm on August 15th
  • Please note: GES will not unload stored freight until 4:30pm.

If you are bringing in a custom booth or a booth that is 20x20 or larger & you do not think you can have it taken down within this time frame, then you must notify Liz ( of this in advance.

Booth Specs

All Standard Booth Fixtures

  • 5'8" high
    10' x 10'

    booth fixture specs

  • 5'8" high
    10' x 20'

    booth fixture specs

Marshaling Yard & Loading Dock

The address of the marshaling yard is:

2982 West Post Road
Las Vegas, NV 89119

All vehicles must check in at the marshaling yard in order to load in through the dock. The only other option for load in is to park your vehicle in the Venetian/Palazzo parking garage & roll/carry everything through the hotel to the convention center.

Access to the loading dock will be on a first come, first served basis based on when trucks & vehicles stage themselves at the marshaling yard. When you get to the marshaling yard, you will check in & get a number. The dock captain will then dispatch you to the Sands loading dock based on when you arrived & when space becomes available at the dock. Do not go to the dock first without checking in at the marshaling yard. You will be turned away from the dock if you do not go to the yard first.

So we are 100% clear, there are no on site drayage charges at Agenda. While it is not required, you can hire our contractor, GES, to do any of the entire load-in/out process for you. This includes the shipping of your items from your warehouse to your booth space, setting up your display items & just about anything else that we allow at the show. Please read below for more information about what GES can help you with.

If you need help with load in, please contact Denise Schwarz


check Call or email Denise ( for help with load in. Including, but not limited to, fork lift and/or pallet jack assistance.

check Make appropriate labor arrangements for load in/out.

check If applicable, give your chosen logistics company all the necessary directions / information to arrive at Agenda on time and ready to go for load in/out.


You can arrange to hire GES to do anything you need when it comes to loading and unloading for the show. Contact GES to learn more about their show services.

Denise Schwarz

Provided they are covered by your company’s workers compensation insurance, you may bring your own employees to do the work for your company, or you can hire workers from an approved labor provider. Workers compensation insurance must be in the minimum amount as required by state law.

Your workers’ safety is your company’s sole responsibility. By accepting your dock time you are confirming that all of your labor will be covered by your insurance and that your company will indemnify Agenda from all losses directed at your employees.

All persons working during the early set up time must wear the same t-shirt that clearly identifies your brand, or a badge around their neck that has their picture on it and identifies their employer. If the people building & setting up your booth are not employees, then they have to be a part of the Vegas Teamster Union. GES has labor available for hire (please contact Denise Schwarz). You do not need to hire labor through GES as long as they are a part of the Vegas Teamster Union.

Load In/Load Out

Load In

Please review the marshaling yard information above. All vehicles, whether personal or carrier, but stage at the marshaling yard for load in. Access to the loading dock via the marshaling yard is on a first come, first serve basis.

Your truck must have the attached sheet filled out & placed in the front of your vehicle. This form includes:

  • Company Name
  • Onsite Company Contact
  • Onsite Contact’s Cell
  • Driver’s Name
  • Driver’s Cell
  • Driver’s Employer
  • Driver’s Employer Number

In addition to the attached form, you must have a copy of your trucking company’s automotive insurance certificated emailed to  Liz before the show. The trucking company you are working with should be able to provide you with this. Automotive liability insurance must be in a minimum amount of $2 million dollars covering all owned, hired, and no owned vehicles.

You will not be allowed on the dock until the dock captain determines your team is onsite and ready to work.

All trucks must be loaded such that you can empty it by hand onto a cart, or GES can empty it with hand powered pallet jacks. If you need a forklift to do part of your load or unload, then make arrangements ahead of time by contacting Denise (

A driver must stay with the vehicle the entire time it is on the dock.

Load Out


Once your booth is packed & the show is closed, please go to the GES service desk at the back of the hall to fill out an “Out-bound Material Handling Form.” Once you have filled out the form, GES will direct you to the freight lead who will be near the Freight Door D The freight lead will give you a door pass that you will be able to place in your vehicle’s window to allow access to the loading dock.


Please refer to the marshaling yard information above.

All carriers must check in at the marshaling yard by 3pm on August 15th. Make sure that someone from your company has gone to the GES service desk at the back of the hall & filled out an “Outbound Material Handling Form.” You will not be allowed on the dock without one.

Your truck must stage in the marshaling yard. You will not be able to leave the marshaling yard and drive to the dock until the dock captain receives work that all of your items are packed and ready to load. You must pack and prepare all items for transport at your booth. You may not pack things on the loading dock.

Directions Marshaling Yard To Dock

loading dock

GES: Show Services

GES is available to help make your show easier in many ways. Including, but not limited to:

  • General Shipping
  • On site Labor and Equipment
  • Warehouse to Booth Material Handling
  • Booth to Office Box Shipping (& Vice Versa)
  • Carpet Rentals
  • Furniture Rentals
  • Additional Lighting

Please email Liz ( if you need access to any of GES’ services. She will set you up with an account to make requests directly through their online system. If you see anything on a GES bill that looks strange or out of place, then please check in with Agenda before paying it.

Shipping Instructions

*Please Note: The Sands Expo does NOT have a public mailroom or receiving area.

You must either bring everything yourself on load in day (Sunday, August 12th), or ship via GES. If you ship to your hotel room, or try to ship directly to the venue, then you must be on top of tracking your own package(s) and making sure that everything arrives on time. Agenda cannot be held responsible for items shipped to your hotel or direct to the show site. It will be your responsibility to locate your own package once you arrive.

GES can handle all of your shipping needs for our show, including pre-shipping to the GES facility on any date before August 8th. All items shipped via GES will be placed directly into your booth by GES personnel on Sunday, February 11th prior to set up.

Advance Shipments to Warehouse (200 lbs. minimum per shipment)

GES will receive shipments crated, palletized and individual cartons at their warehouse starting on Tuesday, July 10th - Thursday, August 8th to be delivered to your booth prior to your arrival. For shipments that arrive after August 8th, the rate increases by 30%.

The cost of this service is $89.50 per shipment with a 200 lbs. minimum per shipment.

Advance Shipments to Warehouse (50 lbs. and under per shipment)

GES will receive small packages at their warehouse starting on Tuesday, July 10th - Thursday, August 8th to be delivered to your booth prior to your arrival. For shipments that arrive after August 8th, the rate increases by 30%.

The cost of this service is $55.00 for the 1st small package shipment and $27.50 for each additional shipment.

GES: Shipping Labels

Use these shipping labels as they will expedite handling.
Copies of these labels are acceptable if additional labels are needed.

shipping labels

Security and Insurance

Additional Security

Agenda is not responsible for items lost or stolen from your booth. We provide security that watches the venue overnight.

If you would like to book additional security for your booth, please contact:

Charles Swanepoel
(407) 730-1466

Download the Security Order Form Here.

If you have valuable or one of a kind, irreplaceable items, we highly recommend that you remove them from your booth when you leave the venue and store them in your hotel room or contact an Agenda staff member about access to the secure overnight storage.

Security / Insurance Policies

  • Exhibitors must also maintain workers compensation insurance for employees participating in Agenda, as required by law. Failure to comply with the insurance requirements does not relieve exhibitor of its indemnification obligations.
  • Exhibitor understands that Agenda and the venue do not maintain insurance covering exhibitor’s property, & it is the sole responsibility of exhibitor to obtain such insurance. All exhibitors must maintain property insurance covering exhibitor’s property on an “all risk” basis at all times, including, without limitation, when (as applicable) property is stored on the show floor.
  • Certificates of insurance must be available on site during the show and must be furnished by exhibitor if requested.
  • Show management does not bear any responsibility for damage to exhibitor’s property or for lost shipments either coming in or going out of the venue, pre show warehouse or for moving costs. Damage to inadequately packed property is exhibitor’s own responsibility. If exhibitor’s products to be exhibited and / or display materials fail to arrive, exhibitors are still responsible for the total contract fee for agenda booth space.

Insurance / Losses

Exhibitors need to maintain commercial general liability (CGL) insurance coverage with a mini-mum combined single limit of $1,000,000 covering bodily injury (including death), personal injury, and property damage liability with extra-territorial coverage.

*Please Note: Exhibitor’s CGL insurance must name the below as additional insured:

  • Reed Elsevier Inc., Reed Exhibitions, and Agenda
    Angela Price
    383 Main Ave, Norwalk, CT 06851
  • The Sands Expo at Venetian & Palazzo
    201 Sands Ave
    Las Vegas, NV 89169
  • The city of Las Vegas, NV

Additional Insured: The Sands Expo at Venetian & Palazzo

Exhibitors must also maintain workers compensation insurance for employees participating in Agenda, as required by law. Failure to comply with the insurance requirements does not relieve exhibitor indemnification obligations.

Exhibitor understands that Agenda & the venue do not maintain insurance covering exhibitor’s property, and it is the sole responsibility of exhibitor to obtain such insurance. All exhibitors must maintain property insurance covering exhibitor’s property on an “all risk” basis at all times, including, without limitation, when (as applicable) property is stored on the show floor.

This is especially important if you are housing valuable items in your booth. If any of your samples go missing, we want to make sure that you are properly covered and will be reimbursed through your insurance coverage. 

Certificates of insurance must be available on site during the show & must be furnished by exhibitor if requested.

Show management does not bear any responsibility for damage to exhibitor’s property or for lost shipments either coming in or going out of the venue, preshow warehouse or for moving costs. Damage to inadequately packed property is exhibitor’s own responsibility. If exhibitor’s product to be exhibited and/or display materials to arrive, exhibitors are still responsible for the total contract fee for Agenda booth space.

Here are links to two firms that some of our exhibitors have used in the past:

  • rain protection logo
  • Buttine logo


prereg notice

Business cards & photo IDs are required to check-in as well.

Agenda’s registration system allows one person to register multiple employees under your company’s master account. This person will be your COMPANY ADMIN. Instructions to create and use a company admin account are below: 
If you have any issues with registration, then please call the Agenda office at (213) 223-5111 and ask for Liz ( or Vanessa (

Creating an Admin Account

checkbox Make sure that the person who is going to be the admin for your company already has an account created in Agenda’s registration system. If they do not have an existing account, they can create one here:

Forgot your password?
Please click the “Forgot Password” button in the top right corner of the registration homepage.

checkbox Email Liz ( and Vanessa ( the name of the person who you would like to be your admin.

Using Your Admin Account

  1. Go to
  2. Log-in to your account using your username & password
  3. Click on “My Account” in the top right hand corner
  4. Click on “Go To Company Admin Home” (blue link above your first name)
  5. Click on the “Users” tab in the top left hand corner - This page allows you to see all attendees from your company who currently have accounts in Agenda's system 

Please do NOT delete any accounts. If there are people who are no longer with the company, then please email Liz ( and Vanessa ( to deactivate their accounts so they cannot attend future shows on behalf of your brand.

New Users

  1. Click on “New Users” on the left side of the page
  2. In the pop-up window, please be sure to fill-in all of the blanks and click “Submit” at the bottom of the application once it has been completed

Existing Users

  1. Check the box to the left of the attendees name(s) who would like to register for an upcoming show
  2. “Choose Event” location from the drop down menu at the top of the page (just beneath the alphabet)
  3. Click “Update Statuses” to the right of “Choose Event”

Please note, all applications are automatically submitted as Pending Approval for Show Management to review.

Employee Pass Allotment Per Booth Size

Each 10’x10’ booth space is allotted 5 employee passes for the show.

emplyee passes

Employee, Athlete, and Guest List Policy

During the past few show seasons, we have had huge issues with people who were “employees,” “guests”, and “athletes” stealing product from our exhibitors. For this reason, we have implemented a strict guest list policy for anyone who doesn’t work directly for your company.

Athletes Allowed into the show:

  • Professional athletes of exhibiting brands (I.E. individuals who are paid a sponsorship fee by a brand that is exhibiting at Agenda).

Not Allowed into the show:

  • Shop / Flow Riders.
  • Sales Rep sponsored riders.
  • Riders looking for sponsors at the show.

Age Restrictions

Anyone under the age of 18 will not be allowed into the show without a parent or legal guardian. This is not negotiable.

On-Site Registration Policy

As previously mentioned above, pre-registration is required. That being said, please be aware that while on site at the show, including set up day, we will be charging a $50 fee per person for any of your employees or guests who did not pre-register. This means that if you bring our registration team a list of 10 employees & / or “guests” who would like to attend to the front desk and are not yet registered, we will charge your credit card $50 per person to add them onto your exhibitor list.

Confirming Employment :

If an individual cannot provide proof of employment (i.e. Working company email address, paystub, etc), then you will be required to pay a $50 per person fee in order for them to be allowed into the show as your “guest” or “athlete”. This fee is non-transferrable, meaning that you cannot pass the fee off to the attendee. We require a direct payment from your company in order for your guests to walk the show floor.

Top Retail / Buyer
Account List

Agenda believes that the show is about the collective power of brands, not the show itself. With that in mind, we would like to encourage you to contact your entire existing account base and make sure that they know about the show and your presence there, as this will only improve your experience with Agenda.

If you would like to provide Agenda with an account list, then we will gladly assign our retail relations team to contact your accounts to make sure that they are informed about the show.

Please submit your top retail account list to:
Ian (
you may also direct any retail relations questions you may have to her as well.

Please make sure that your list includes:
Shop name, contact, phone number, and email contact.
*Please Note: All lists are confidential and are not released to, or seen by, anyone other than our retail relations team. Please send us your regional reps’ contact information so that we can work directly with them on getting their top shops out to the show.

sales director

Travel Information

  • Visit Agenda’s travel page for discounted hotel rates, flight discount codes, and all your transportation instructions.
  • Please book all travel directly through the links in this packet, Agenda’s website, or the hotel /airline websites.
  • We do NOT support third party travel vendors, and are not liable for any bookings made via this option.

Please Visit:

Agenda Hotel Rate

Take advantage of Agenda's discounted hotel rate if you need to book additional rooms at the Venetian. Be sure to use the link provided in order to get the discount.

Advertising Specs

This only applies if you have purchased an online, newsletter, or show guide advertisement in your contract.

Web Banner Specs

  • Dimensions:
    600 x 100 Pixels
  • Formats
    Jpeg, Gif, or Animated Gif

ad sample
Web Banner Specs

  • Dimensions:
    300 x 250 Pixels
  • Formats
    Jpeg, Gif, or Animated Gif

ad sample

web banner notice

Agenda Blog and
Newsletter Content

This is a FREE service for all of our exhibitors.

We’d Love to Feature Your Brand

Agenda posts exhibitor content on its site daily and sends out monthly e-newsletters that go out to 100K+ buyers, press, and industry affiliates.

We would love to feature your brand / product information. If you’re interested, then please submit the following ASAP to be included:

1 Blog Image


1000 x 1000 Pixels

Jpeg, Gif, or Animated Gif web-optimized

1 Newsletter Image


290 x 210 Pixels

Jpeg, Gif, or Animated Gif web-optimized


2-3 sentences relating to what your brand is doing at Agenda.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Is your brand launching at Agenda or joining Agenda for the first time?
  • Is your brand showing some kind of limited edition pieces?
  • Is your brand doing a collaboration project that will be shown at Agenda?
  • Is your brand highlighting a certain type of new product or proprietary technology at Agenda?


Please email everything to:

Liz ( and Cristian (

We send out our e-newsletters twice a month and post exhibitor / brand information on our blogs daily. If you can’t get us this information ASAP, then please send it over any time below the show when it’s convenient for you. Although we do our very best, we cannot guarantee you placement in the newsletters as we only have space for 6-8 exhibitor blurbs per newsletter.

Contact Us


You can reach us Monday through Friday
from 10am to 6pm PST

(213) 223-5111

Still Have Questions?
Just Ask Liz!

Liz Wachs will be your point of contact going forward for any basic show questions you may have (i.e. booth packages, staff registration, show ads , specs, due dates, hotel info, graphics, etc.).

She is here to ensure that you have a successful show while exhibiting at Agenda. Liz is part of our “Customer Success Group”, which is a new program that we’re implementing to make your life easier during show season.

Liz can assist you with anything and everything that is not related to booth sales, so we can make your show experience as easy as possible!

Phone: (818) 635-1898

Staff Contacts

Please use these phone numbers during show days, when our staff is not in the office.

Operations and Logistics

Angela Price
Operations Director
(203) 644-6472

Liz Wachs
Operations Manager
(818) 635-1898


Monique Rice
Senior Registration Manager

Vanessa Campos

Registration Manager

Travel and Retail Relations

Retail Relations  
(714) 851-9394


Sarah Tehrani
Finance Manager
(818) 515-6937

Brand Partnerships

IP Issues And Procedures

Dear Exhibitor,
We respect the Intellectual Property (“IP”) rights of all of our exhibitors and take these matters very seriously. Please review this document in its entirety and follow the procedures outlined below so that we may evidently and electively react to your IP claim against another exhibitor.

Please provide the following items in an electronic (PDF) format only and E-mail to Matthew Kunkes (
A.) A letter or e-mail showing that you have already reached out to the exhibitor concerning the alleged infringing item (the “Accused”).
B.) The U.S. Patents, U.S. Trademark Registrations or U.S. Copyright Registrations in question, and proof that such rights are currently effective.
C.) Contact information (e-mail address) of your designated representative authorized to act on your behalf at the Venue/Exhibition.

Because photos are not allowed onsite, Management will radio a Staff member closest to the Accused booth to take photos of the alleged infringing product/materials:

D.) Photos of products or copies of materials being shown at the Exhibition. Please allow Management at least 24 hours to review and act, as appropriate, in the sole discretion of Management, on the evidence you provide and to respond with the steps, if any, Management intends to take.


IP Issues

Management respects the Intellectual Property (“IP”) rights of others and expects all exhibitors to do the same. In connection with the exhibitions managed by Reed Exhibitions, the following points apply:

1. Management is not and will not act as an arbiter of the existence of valid and subsisting rights in intellectual property of a complaining exhibitor.

2. Management is not and will not become an enforcement agent or representative relating to the alleged intellectual property rights of any exhibitor.

3. The role of Management is strictly to try to protect the integrity and peace of the Venue/Exhibition and to preserve the Exhibition environment in a manner to allow all exhibitors the opportunity to receive the benefit of their exhibits.

4. Management will cooperate and act consistently with any duly issued court order, writ, judgment or injunction against an exhibitor. In so acting, Management is a neutral party and Management’s presence during service of any court issued documents during the Exhibition is strictly for the purpose of carrying out Management’s responsibility to try to protect the integrity and peace of the Exhibition.

5. Management will acknowledge existing Federally recognized rights (such as U.S. Patents, U.S. Trademark Registrations and U.S. Copyright Registrations) where proof of the current validity of these rights is provided by the Exhibitor/IP Rights Holder to Management, and will assist in communicating those asserted rights to another exhibitor alleged to be in violation of these rights.

6. Management may take steps which, in its sole discretion, are believed reasonable and appropriate to try to achieve an accommodation and/or resolution of IP rights issues between exhibitors.

7. Management reserves the right to ask an exhibitor, against whom another exhibitor has raised a complaint of infringement of Federally recognized IP rights, to produce appropriate documentation reflecting the right or license of the exhibitor to display and market any complained of product(s) or material(s).

8. Management will, when it is deemed reasonable and appropriate in its sole discretion, ask (and possibly insist) that an exhibitor remove items or materials from that exhibitor’s booth only where the asserted Federal rights, after being shown to Management to be currently subsisting, clearly cover the items or materials of the alleged infringing exhibitor in the reasonable judgment of Management.

9. Exhibitors claiming ownership of IP Rights that are allegedly being infringed by another exhibitor agree to follow the IP Procedures.

10. Management shall designate for the Exhibition/Venue site an IP Ombudsperson who shall have the authority to deal with intellectual property issues arising at the Show on behalf of Management, consistent with the IP Procedures.

IP Procedures

These IP Procedures shall be followed in connection with any perceived violations of IP rights of one exhibitor by another at the Exhibition. However, exhibitors are advised that Management will not interpret claims of a utility patent, interpret the scope of protection for a registered trademark or registered copyright, or specifically make any judgments as to the decency of disclosures in patents, the validity of any patents, likelihood of confusion between different marks, fame of a mark, dilution of a mark, fair use of another’s mark, priority of rights in a mark, what amounts to a substantial taking of a copyrighted work or what is a fair use of a copyrighted work.

1. Complainant will approach and/or communicate with the Management’s designated IP Ombudsperson for the Venue/Exhibition and provide the following:

A.) Evidence that the IP rights issue has been communicated by the Complainant to the representative(s) of the allegedly infringing exhibitor – either before the Exhibition or during the Exhibition;

B.) Evidence to support the claimed Federally recognized rights, that is, clean and clear copies of the U.S. Patents, U.S. Trademark Registrations or U.S. Copyright Registrations in question, and proof that such rights are currently subsisting;

C.) Evidence as to the products and/or materials being used by the allegedly infringing exhibitor at the Exhibition which are asserted to be covered by the Federally recognized rights – this may be clear photos of products or copies of materials being shown at the Exhibition (photos of products from other locations besides the Exhibition or pictures from websites will not suffice);

D.) Contact information for a designated representative of the Complainant authorized to act on Complainant’s behalf at the Venue/Exhibition.

2. Complainant will allow Management at least 24 hours to review and act, as appropriate in the sole discretion of Management, on the evidence provided by Complainant and to respond to Complainant with the steps, if any, Management intends to take.

Expectations on Intellectual Property Infringement and Disputes

Intellectual Property: Management expects Exhibitor to respect the intellectual property rights of other parties. Exhibitor shall not display any product that is counterfeit or in any way infringes trademarks, copyrights, patents or other intellectual property of a third party. Exhibitor warrants that the names, logos, art work and other content Exhibitor or its agents submitted for use in any media (including, but not limited to, ads, the Exhibition website or any Exhibition publication) shall not infringe the intellectual property rights of any third party and shall not contain anything which is libelous, obscene, indecent, blasphemous or in any way unlawful. In cases of documented intellectual property infringements, Management reserves the right to exclude the infringer from current and future Exhibitions. However, this stipulation does not create an obligation for Management to take such action. Management does not accept liability for intellectual property infringements that may be committed by an exhibitor.

Intellectual Property Disputes Between Exhibitors; Service of Process & Orders: Neither Exhibitor nor its agents (including, but not limited to, legal counsel or process servers) shall serve process on any other exhibitor during the hours the Exhibition is open to attendees. If Exhibitor has obtained a judicial/administrative relief order against another exhibitor, and Exhibitor has no reasonable alternative to serving such order on the other exhibitor during the Exhibition, then Exhibitor or its agent shall use their best efforts to serve such order during the hours the Exhibition is closed to attendees. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Exhibitor shall provide Management written notice of the order obtained (including a copy of such order) so that a Management representative may escort Exhibitor or its agent to the booth of the exhibitor to be served and minimize any disruption to the Exhibition caused by such service. Exhibitor agrees to use its best efforts to resolve any intellectual property disputes with other exhibitors by no later than one week prior to the Exhibition’s first move-in day for Exhibitors and in a location other than the Venue.